ITW Security and Brand Identity Group's Digital experts have combined the power of Piezo ink jet technology with industrial platforms that allow for a true paradigm shift in product decoration. The ability to print high quality images with virtually limitless numbers of colors is at your fingertips. The ColorBond UV inks allow for excellent adhesion on a wide variety of substrates including: glass, metals, plastics, and more. The distinct digital advantages these systems provide include variable data, barcoding, full color printing, all with quick job changeover and unparalleled flexibility. Opportunities to design custom solutions are made possible with our industry leading digital expertise.

Digital InkJet Equipment

Inspiration Flatbed
The Inspiration Flatbed digital printer was designed specifically for industrial decoration. This scanning based system can print in full process colors directly to the substrate with products up to 10" in height. With the large print bed and industry leading print-heads, this new flatbed system allows for some of the fastest throughput and highest quality prints available in the flatbed market.

Inspiration Single Pass
The Inspiration Single Pass printer is a stationary, continuous print system which allows parts to move past a fixed print head.

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