ITW Security and Brand Identity Group's product offering includes hot ink rolls for a wide assortment of flexible packaging contact coding ink applications, resin thermal transfer ribbons designed to meet demanding applications, as well as used equipment that has been restored to meet your unique requirements

Other Products

Hot Ink Rolls
ITW Security and Brand Identity Group offers hot ink rolls that are designed especially for hot ink contact printers. We develop and manufacture specialized foam rolls that are friction loaded with a variety of hot melt inks. Rolls are available in five different inks, twelve different colors and in nine different roll sizes and can accommodate horizontal/vertical printing applications at any line speed.

Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons
ITW Security and Brand Identity Group specializes in resin thermal transfer ribbons that are used for printing bar codes, text and graphics on PVC cards, durable signage, pressure sensitive and select synthetic label materials, flexible packaging films and plastics. Our high performance thermal transfer resin ribbons generate extremely durable images that stand up to the most challenging work environments, and are ideal for applications that require superior resistance to heat, abrasion and solvent resistance.

Used / Refurbished Equipment
ITW Security and Brand Identity Group will buy back your used equipment, rebuild the equipment to work top notch, and sell it for specialty refurbished pricing.

Ancillary / Periphery Products
ITW Security and Brand Identity Group offers a large list of ancillary and periphery solutions such as equipment, spare and replacement parts, pre and post treatments, as well as plate exposure units.

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