Ancillary / Periphery Solutions

ITW Security and Brand Identity Group offers a large list of ancillary and periphery solutions such as equipment, spare and replacement parts, pre and post treatments, as well as plate exposure units.

Products Offered:

Cliché / Plate Adjustment
The Optical Cliché Adjustment is extremely suitable at high product diversity with many print variants. This system is also ideal for complex prints, such as 4-color screen printing (color matching). Using this system you can match up different clichés perfectly. 85% setting up time is saved as no test printings are needed.

Coin Adjustment
With the automatic coin adjustment the step of manual adjustment is no longer needed. The coin is turned and printed fully automatically, therefore this system is suitable not only for manual working stations but also for automation with handling.

On-Line-Quality Control
Technical features: ◾ High resolution color camera (1392 x 1040 pixel ) ◾ Dedicated diffuse illumination system ◾ Speed: up to 160 controls per minute ◾ Touch screen control ◾ Easy to use ◾ Fast and automatic set up ◾ Detectable defects: color variation, splash, dirt, scratch, lack of text or excess of color ◾ Full report and automatic storing of all product process data ◾ Different levels of log-in

Holding Fixtures
Thanks to the high quality and reliability of our products, you can make the most of our work piece holding fixtures. With 20 years experience in designing work piece holding fixtures, we offer our extensive know-how for your application case. From a simple manually operated holding fixture to complex, automatic clamping systems, - the reproducible printing quality always depends on the quality of the work piece holding fixture.

  • Systems
    Manually operated or automatic clamping systems with positive or non-positive (e.g. vacuum) fixing can be released depending on the requirement. Your application determines the design of the work piece holding fixture as single or multiple holding fixtures (automated system).
  • Material
    As a rule, we use POM natural material that protects the work piece, but is form-stable. If special pre and/or post-treatments are required, other materials can be used as agreed upon.
  • Requirements
    Apart from the information regarding the work piece, the printing pattern position on the component, print height above the fixing level of the WA, available space and the fixing hole pattern, we also require a specimen component and, ideally, the specifications of the machine used. (External manufacturer as well)

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