Ink for Pad Printing Systems

ITW Security and Brand Identity Group carries a wide range of pad printing inks for a variety of Morlock, Trans Tech, and other pad printing systems. The product range of pad printing colors, offer exclusive, high-quality colors classified in different categories. All prevailing standard colors, metallic colors, European colors, effect colors, as well as high-spreading colors that are readily available.


  • ExpressCup (2 oz) ink cup for no waste and reduced time measuring and mixing
  • Ink tubes (200 ml) available in several popular colors
  • Ink types suitable for a multitude of various substrates and applications
  • Medical class VI inks
  • Metallics & process ink colors
  • Over 34 standard ink colors as well as custom color ink mixing is available


Our trained personnel creates every obtainable color shade, per your requirements and specifications, in our modern color metric.
Being a provider of pad printing systems, Morlock and Trans Tech offer all resources such as thinners, retarding agents, and cleaning agents. All products are specially matched with each other.

Our experienced technicians will help you in selecting the appropriate pad printing color for your product, as well as conduct color adhesion tests for you. We would be happy to conduct feasibility studies for you in case of complex printing processes.

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