Pads for Pad Printing Systems

ITW Security and Brand Identity Group carries a wide range of printing pads for a variety of Morlock, Trans Tech, and other pad printing systems. Morlock and Trans Tech pads come in a wide variety of standard pad shapes and are made of exclusive, high-quality silicone material. Continuous quality control ensures the high standard of our pads.
Customer specific models are also available per specific requirements.


  • Antistatic Yellow Pads - These Morlock antistatic pads are great for a wide range of printing environments and greatly reduce the risk of static during printing.
  • DuraThonTM - These Trans Tech pads offer high tear and abrasion resistance with durable and flexible performance, and are best quality for printing long run jobs.
  • ExpressPadTM - Trans Tech provides an easy to use, make-ready, ExpressPad System eliminating the tools, precision guesswork, and clean-up required with traditional pads.
  • Orange Pads - Designed for easy, uncomplicated printing patterns, these Morlock pads are great for simple graphics and text.
  • ProPadsTM - The purple Trans Tech pads perform well in a wide range of printing environments as well as with UV inks. These FDA approved pads are designed for an instant start-up with no break-in required.
  • Red Pads - These Morlock pads are for fast print sequences and are at the highest requirements in terms of long life and mechanical stress.
  • Rotary Pads - Specified for high-speed and automated systems and are designed for rotary drum plates. Perfect for cylindrical applications such as syringes.
  • SprintPadTM - The Trans Tech SprintPads are ideal for jobs with many different set-ups or short runs, resulting in minimal waste & reduced cost. There is no "memory holding" of image after change of artwork, and the SprintPads offer fast start-up printing.

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