ITW Security and Brand Identity Group offers a comprehensive portfolio of distinctive and innovative sports branding solutions that differentiate and maximize your brand’s appeal.

Heat Transfers

PS Pro
Designed to meet the demands of today’s sports apparel, this versatile heat transfer system is lightweight, soft to touch, offers an extensive range of opaque colours and special effects and integrates beautifully with the garment providing exceptional comfort and drape. It is the ideal solution for your sports apparel and licensed team identity needs.

Protect your brand integrity with PS Pro MR. Our proprietary formulation provides all of the benefits of PS Pro along with industry leading protection against dye migration of dye-sub fabrics.

MRS Lowmelt
Specially formulated low application temperature heat transfer system with superior dye migration resistance on dye-sub fabrics.

Water-base PU
The next generation in water based heat transfers. Our water-based transfers are environmentally responsible, lightweight, have excellent migration resistance properties and provide excellent resistance to wear and abrasion.

High definition heat transfer system with stunning photographic quality graphics.

Transdura E
Halo free solution for size-code tagless labels.

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