ITW Security and Brand Identity Group offers global card manufacturers and card personalization bureaus a comprehensive portfolio of card products for financial, identification, transaction and non-secure cards.

Card Personalization Products

Card Mailer Adhesive Labels
Card mailer adhesive labels provide secure adhesion of cards to mailers. The pressure sensitive adhesion affixes to all multi-compounded card mailer stocks; while a thermally activated adhesive is provided to affix your PVC, polyester, ABS or polycarbonate cards to the mailer. The combined adhesive properties allow trouble free placement of cards onto the mailer, as well as easy removal of the cards from the mailer by the card holders with no peeling, residue or damage to the card.

Cleaning Tape
For flawless imaging, reduced scrap and the need for reprinting cards, ITW Security and Brand Identity Group’s cleaning tape eliminates impurities on the card surface before the printing process begins. Cleaning tape effectively prepares the card surface to receive ink by removing dust, lint and particulate from the card cleaning rollers, used to clean card personalization equipment. As a result, images printed on the surface of the card feature sharp definition and vibrant color. ITW Security and Brand Identity Group’s cleaning tape improves the appearance of your cards, while maximizing your equipment's performance.

Dye Sublimation Ribbons (D2T2)
Dye sublimation ribbons are available in a wide array of formats, and produce bright, vibrant graphics, pictures, bar codes, logos or text on each and every card.  D2T2 ribbons are ideal for creating custom imagery and high definition printing.  In addition, we also offer "special effect" ribbon coatings that offer, for example, high-security visual features or solutions to printing on polycarbonate cards.  Dye sublimation ribbons are designed in association with the world's leading card printer OEMs to offer the very best in printer performance, and are only available to card printer OEMs.

Indent Foils
Indent foils offer easy release and crisp definition for indent printing of security codes and other characters both directly on the card stock and on the signature panel. Formulated for metal die cold stamping onto vinyl or polystyrene transaction cards and signature panels, indent foils are available in white and black.

Thermal Transfer Ribbons
Thermal transfer ribbons are designed for thermal image printing of bar codes, text and graphics on PVC cards, pressure sensitive and select synthetic label materials, flexible packaging films and plastics. Thermal transfer ribbons feature built-in durability offering superior heat, scratch and abrasion resistance, meaning vital information on your cards remains intact and readable as the graphics will not fade or disappear. ITW Security and Brand Identity Group ribbons can be used on most OEM-approved printers in the market, and are available in stock and custom colors.

Tipping Foils
Tipping foils are specially formulated for rubber die stamping onto embossed characters of vinyl or polystyrene transaction cards. Available in a variety of pigmented and metallic colors, our tipping foils provide sharp detail and fine line definition work where required. ITW Security and Brand Identity Group’s tipping foils feature easy release for quick adhesion, and have superior abrasion and scuff resistance, resulting in longer lasting quality imprints.

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