ITW Security and Brand Identity Group offers global card manufacturers and card personalization bureaus a comprehensive portfolio of card products for financial, identification, transaction and non-secure cards.

Card Production Products

HoloLam Plus® (U.S. Patent No. 7,544,266B2)
HoloLam Plus is a full face holographic laminate for transaction cards (both secure and non-secure). Decorative and functional, HoloLam Plus is process friendly, print receptive, and engineered to exceed ISO7810 peel strength. This distinctive product is available in many standard holographic diffraction patterns, as well as custom designs. In addition, HoloLam Plus can be used to precisely register holographic imagery and artwork within the laminate, giving you the ability to design cards that not only have a unique appearance, but allow you to build in a variety of security features.

Magnetic Stripe MG T Series
Designed for maximum reliability, ITW Security and Brand Identity Group’s magnetic stripe meets ISO / ANSI standards and features our proprietary protective top coat for enhanced durability. Magnetic stripe is available in:

  • Three different Oersted levels (650 Oe, 2750 Oe and 3600 Oe)
  • Hot stamp, full transfer or laminate
  • A wide variety of custom colors

Signature Panel Foils
Signature panel foils are specially formulated with built in security and tamper evident features, have excellent opacity, and good ink absorption. Foils can be applied to PVC / PVA blends and rigid vinyl and are available in solid white, matte clear, or imprinted in one or more colors over a white background. In addition, we can also supply custom designed signature panel patterns. For security reasons, custom signature panel designs such as those used by Visa, MasterCard or American Express can only be supplied to fabricators who are approved by those global payment issuers.

Silicone Rubber Dies
ITW Security and Brand Identity Group offers silicone rubber dies that are commonly used for application of thermal transfer of films, foils, and laminates to security and transaction cards. Silicone rubber conforms to surface variations and delivers a consistent, high quality impression. We offer standard silicone formulations designed with excellent thermal conductivity and physical properties to ensure the success of your applications. Our standard die sizes offer improved set up efficiency and repeatable artwork position from die-to-die.

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